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            --> the fee covers the use of studio times, and helps to fund our show as well as any dance parties we 

                hold (in previous years this has included the show after-party and the year end/DVD showing


            --> the fee allows you to participate in as many routines as you would like

Regarding the membership fee increase (from $13.56 to $40): 

Commencing this school term, Athletics & Recreation has incurred a fee of $50 per club member for every 

recreational club (including the McMaster Dance Club). We are subsidizing as much of this fee as we possibly

can, but unfortunately we can't cover it all (due to the fact that we have over 250 members!!). We are 

terribly sorry to charge you the remainder of this extra fee. We're hoping to do some extra fundraising from 

here on out to try and cover even more of the fee.

Memberships must be purchased through Athletics & Recreation (in DBAC). This must be done prior to Dancer Auditions.